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Top Reasons for Needing a Storage Unit

People need self-storage for many reasons. Knowing the reason and then determining the size is all part of it.

Downsizing is one of the main reasons people need a storage locker, whether for long-term or short-term.

Downsizing is never easy; after all, you have been collecting and hanging on to items over the years. When it comes to getting rid of things, or at least storing things, it's about finding the appropriate amount of space to do so. The first step in determining the storage size required is understanding why you are considering a storage rental

Short-Term Storage

Maybe you aren't fully ready to part with your items, and that's okay. Going with a short-term storage unit rental is probably your best option. Knowing your rental isn't long-term gives you a time frame in which to sort through your belongings and determine what you plan on keeping.

With a short-term storage unit, you have time to find a new home for some of your things - maybe sell or donate them. Once you've sorted through everything, you can decide to move items back to your home or keep them in storage. If they are family heirlooms, there is always the option of going with a heated indoor storage unit.  

Moving is an excellent indicator that you only need a short-term unit. Having a storage locker to hold things makes the moving process go much smoother. Being equipped with the right moving supplies can help keep your belongings organized and easier to unpack in your new home. 

Long-Term Rental

A short-term rental isn't the best option for everyone. There are many reasons you may choose to go with a long-term storage locker. Whether it's because you aren't ready to part with items and don't know when you will be prepared to, or you realize that your garage is so full of things that you can't get your car into it. Many people have large yards or change their house's decor frequently and store these larger items somewhere in their homes. If you are one of these people, a larger storage unit is most likely your best option for a more extended period. If you aren't sure what size of unit you require, use our storage size estimator

Disposing of Items

Looking for that telling sign of when to part with items is often quite apparent. It could be you are retiring and downsizing - your kids have moved out and so should their things. Unused rooms often become dust collectors of items never used. A good way to look at objects and determine if you need them is to recognize if you use them. We could certainly say goodbye to old books, CDs, DVDs, knick-knacks that haven't been displayed since the '80s, and many other items. 

"Big Ticket" Items

Having a storage rental isn't just for odds and ends. You might need a storage locker near you to house your luxury items. Whether it's car storage, boat storage, or even RV storage, there is always an option to keep your possessions safe when you don't need them.

National Storage is a West Kelowna storage facility that has been serving the Okanagan since 2003. Whatever your storage requirements are, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about storing your personal items. 

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