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Moving Supplies

We couldn't be the storage leader without all the details. When it's moving time, you can count on National Storage for all your moving supplies. Come into the office, say hello, and quickly and easily grab what you need.

The National Difference: You likely are going to buy too little or too much when it comes to supplies. Don't worry. If you've bought too little, we've got more in stock. If you've bought too much, bring back unused/unopened product and we'll be happy to put the dollars back in your pocket (10% stocking fee applies).

National Storage moving supplies

In Our

Supply Closet

  • Boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble / Stretch / Foam Wrap
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Tape
  • Locks
  • Mattress Covers
  • Quilted Storage Blankets

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Item Price
File Box with Lid 15x12x10 $2.80
File Box Bundle of 25 $37.50  $1.50ea)
Lg Mirror 48×4.5×32 $10.95
Sm Mirror 37x4x27 $6.95
Flat Moving Dolly $34.95
Wardrobe Box 24x20x46 $20.95

Tall Lamp Box

Gun/ Fishing Rod Box 7.50
1.5 Cube 16x12x12 $2.95
2 Cube 18x15x12 $3.95
4 Cube 18x18x20 $4.50
5 Cube 1x18x26 $5.95
6 Cube 24x18x24 $6.75
Packing Paper:

Paper 10lb $24.95
Bubble / Stretch / Foam Wrap:

Bubble Wrap Bags $3.95
Bubble Wrap Roll Sm Bubble 24" Height - sold by the foot $1.25
Bubble Wrap Roll Sm Bubble 12" Height 100' sold by the foot $1.00
Stretch Wrap Case $39.95
Stretch Wrap 5×1000 $11.95
Packing Peanuts:

Packing Peanuts 1 cubic foot bag $14.95
 Packing Peanuts $14.95
XL Packing Peanuts 14cu.ft. $149.95

Tape – Clear 48mmx100m $2.45
Tape Gun $14.95

Disc Lock – 2 3/4″ $18.95
Padlock – Twin Pack $35.90
Protective Covers:

Mattress Cover – Full (Double) $4.95
Mattress Cover – King $6.95
Mattress Cover – Queen $5.95
Mattress Cover – Twin (2) $5.95
Quilted Storage Blankets $21.00
Sofa Cover $6.25
Chair Cover $4.95
Dust Cover $6.95

* Pricing does not include taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.