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What NOT To Store In Your Storage Unit

Most items can be stored in a storage locker, but there are specific things that shouldn’t be.

Understand what items can and can NOT be stored in a public storage unit.

So you have decided to rent a storage locker, but what now? Of course, the easiest thing to do is throw everything you aren't using regularly into the self-storage unit; however, hold it there as some items should NOT go into a public storage facility.

Absolutely NOT Allowed

The list of what not to store in a storage locker can get rather extensive, and you have to filter through it to understand which items you are okay with. With that said, some things absolutely can't be tucked away in a public facility under any circumstances, even if it is a secure storage one. Never put any flammable items in your unit, as this is extremely hazardous to you, your fellow storage unit neighbours, and the team at the storage facility.

Don't store illegal items in a storage unit. If you have to question whether it's illegal or legal, you should just leave it out of the locker. This includes weapons, drug paraphernalia, and illicit drugs.

Best Not To Store In Storage Unit

It is highly recommended not to store perishable items in your storage unit, including plants, soils, and food. Speaking of food, best to leave all food out of a locker, even non-perishable food. Critters have an extreme sense of smell and a way of getting into even the most tight-sealed packaging.

If you hate the smell of wet dog or that mildewing basement smell, leave the damp items outside the unit. There isn't a lot of air-circulation (if any) that gets into storage lockers, so trust us, you don't want to leave wet items in yours.

Keep Your Special Items Close

Even if your items are at a secure storage facility, don't leave your sentimental items in a public storage locker. Certain things in life can't be replaced and should stay home with you. If having your items at an offsite public storage facility concerns you, consider renting a mobile storage unit to keep on your property, that way your belongings are always close by.

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