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Transitioning To A Minimalist Lifestyle (& How We Can Help)

Decluttering for a minimalistic lifestyle can be daunting. Consider a storage rental to assist with the process.

To move towards a minimalistic life, start by decluttering.

Over the years, everyone collects many things they don't need, and they usually end up cluttering your home. As people get older, there is often a desire to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, where they can focus on what is really important in life. Living with less opens up space for adventure and less stress. Beyond dealing with unnecessary clutter, minimalism can save you money, simplify life, and make it easier to stay organized.

No Need To Say Goodbye To Everything

Just because you have chosen a simpler life with fewer items doesn't mean you have to permanently say goodbye to your belongings. Eventually, the goal might be to part with your items, but in the meantime, consider a storage rental to keep certain things.

With summer just around the corner, it's a great time to declutter your home because it gives you a chance to remove items from the house to deep clean, move into a storage unit, or donate. In addition to donating, if there are items you can part with and don't require public storage, consider hosting a garage sale to make a little money.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

As overwhelming as the thought of transitioning to a minimalistic life can be, it doesn't have to be. A great way to edit things from your life slowly is by renting a portable storage container. Choosing this type of storage allows you to slowly go through one room at a time and use the mobile storage locker on your property to house items until you are 100% sure what to do with them.

If you are concerned about specific items being damaged by inclement weather, talk to your local storage facility, such as National Storage, about temperature-controlled indoor storage units.

Stay Minimalistic

To maintain a minimalistic lifestyle, use your self-storage to keep seasonal items, such as clothes, gardening tools, and tires. Another tip, before you purchase an item, pause for ten seconds and ask yourself if you need it or if it will just end up in your empty storage space.

National Storage is conveniently located on Highway 97 in West Kelowna. The friendly staff are all moving, storage, and decluttering experts. Contact them today to find out more or get a quote on storage units.

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