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Tips For Organizing Your Storage Locker

Loading your storage unit can be overwhelming. Follow these few tips to keep you stress-free.

Using clear bins will make it easy to find an item after it has been loaded into your storage locker.

Often when people rent a storage unit, there isn't much thought into how they fill it, and their belongings are just loaded in. Loading a storage locker like this is fine, well, until you need something and don't know where it's in the unit or what box it's living in. Follow these simple tips to make life with a storage container rental easier. 

Tips When Packing Your Belongings

Before you can even think about organizing your locker at a public storage facility, it's essential to pack your items in a way that makes sense. Take inventory. It may not seem like a big deal at the start — and you might think you can remember everything — but as your locker gets full and the length of your stay grows longer, the more likely you will forget. Here is a great tip, number the boxes and write the items that are in each box on the inventory list. By using numbers, it will help for easy storage locker organization. 

If possible, use clear bins to store your belongings. Trust us; you will be glad you did when you can't find your inventory list and are left searching for something you really need. If clear storage bins are not an option, clearly label all boxes and containers with the contents.

Loading Your Storage Locker

Now that you have your belongings neatly packed, it's time to load them into your storage container in an orderly way. The first tip, have a plan. Start by disassembling and breaking down large items such as furniture as much as possible. Having flat items takes up far less room than having bulky ones. If you have to make multiple trips to the storage facility, take the oversized items and boxes you won't need first to load. When packing the locker, store the large, heavy items at the bottom and the back. 

The best way to organize your storage container is by using shelves, so if you have access to some, take advantage of them. Stacking containers and boxes on top of each other makes it difficult to get to items should you need them. A good rule of thumb is to always pack by going up and not vertical. You will maximize your space if you stack items instead of placing them side by side. 

If you are unsure where to start with a plan, try organizing your locker by season. For example, keep your winter tires and winter clothes in one section; you can use it as a reminder to pull your winter clothes out when you switch out your tires, and you can replace them with summer items. 

Finally, if at all possible, leave room to move. Try to form a path that divides your storage unit into sections that make sense. Following these simple tips will make organizing your storage rental a breeze. 

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