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Storage Unit For Every Lifestyle

Storage lockers are great for any phase of life and why many people are using them.

National Storage, a storage centre for everyone and every lifestyle.

It may seem that everywhere you look, storage units keep popping up. Over the past decades' self-storage units have been growing in popularity and for varying reasons. From big to small sizes, there is a different storage option for every lifestyle. 

Storage Unit for Moving

The number one reason people rent a storage locker is to eliminate the stress of moving. Often, it may be required to be out of one place on a particular day and the new place not be ready for a few days, making it challenging to transport all of your belongings. Moving can be very chaotic and stressful, often at the mercy of a clock. Renting a storage unit affords you the luxury of moving at your pace and ahead of time, making the move that much smoother. 

Depending on where each individual is in their life, having a storage unit is great if you are downsizing. Having a separate space where you can put things that won't fit in your new home allows you to sort through it over time to see what is worth keeping. Many parents who downsize after their kids move out keep some items for when their kids get their own homes. 

Student Storage

Students who attend post-secondary school in another city use a local storage company to keep their belongings over the summer months when they go home. In addition, students (and non-students) who desire to travel will put their stuff in a unit while they are away and sub-lease their place to save money. 

Virtual offices are becoming very popular due to COVID, and businesses are using storage centres to keep essential or extra business files and equipment as they don't have the space in their home offices. 

Storage units are a great option, whether you are moving, consolidating homes, going through a life transition, or apartment living. If you are considering renting one, check out the different self-storage options available.

National Storage has been serving the Okanagan since the early 2000’s. From storage units, storage containers, and RV and boat storage, National storage has the unit you require.

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