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Storabox Storage Container And Spring Cleaning

Renting a portable storage container is the perfect solution to tackle any deep spring clean.

During your spring cleaning, rent a portable storage container to help declutter.

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time for spring cleaning for many people and it often isn't until we spring clean that we realize how much stuff we've accumulated over the years. Before starting your annual clean, start considering if you would benefit from a storage container rental.

Deep Clean The Proper Way

To do a full deep clean on your home, it's best to have everything out of the way, including large items like furniture, rugs, and exercise equipment. The question is, where do you store all these items while cleaning? Portable storage containers are great for spring and everything that comes with it. Use the container to work on one room at a time, so you aren't filling another room with more items. Moving furniture into a storage locker temporarily allows you to get behind and into those corners that never see the light of day for the remainder of the year.

Garage Sale And Donation Items

As you go through all of your belongings one by one, you will start to come across items that no longer serve a purpose in your life and are just taking up valuable space in your home. Don't just throw these items away; either donate them or sell them. A portable storage unit is perfect for keeping things you plan to sell separately from everything you plan to keep. Keep the items you plan to donate or sell in a storage container to easily access them when it's time for a garage sale or drop them off at a donation centre.

Storage Container For Seasonal Items

Many people don't have a massive amount of storage space in their homes, hence needing a mobile storage container. Having a storage unit in your yard gives you the freedom to switch seasonal items out as needed. Keep your gardening tools, lawnmower, summer tires, spring clothes, and any other belongings you won't miss through those months during the winter months. Then once spring rolls around, switch items around, moving your snowblower into the storage container, winter tires, winter clothes, and snow shovels.

Along with being a cost-effective solution, there really is no shortage of benefits to having a Storabox, especially during the spring cleanup months.

National Storage has been serving the Okanagan since 2003. From onsite indoor storage to mobile Storabox portable containers, we can help with your storage and moving needs. Contact us today to find the perfect option for you and your lifestyle.

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