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How Can You Benefit From A Storabox?

There is a shift in how the new generation uses mobile storage containers.

Use a mobile storage unit to store your equipment safely on any job site or park it in your yard to store household and seasonal items.

We are always running out of space in our yard, in our home, at our jobsite, so what can we do? A popular solution has come to a front in West Kelowna - Mobile Storage Containers. What a fertile concept, opening up so many options for business owners, homeowners, and the new generation of home buyers. Maybe you have been thinking about a new solution to make your life easier? Let’s take a look at the opportunities that open up with mobile storage. 

For Businesses

Offices have mounds of business files, documents, spare computer parts, and extra coffee makers but not enough space in the closet. The filing cabinets are always filling up. There is a better way to create more space for your employees - invest in a mobile storage container. Storage facilities have the option to store your container at their secure compound or at your place of business.

Being a contractor of any kind, means lots of tools and specialty equipment. A work truck can only take so much on board its flat bed or in a trailer. While gas prices continue to rise, saving money is becoming prevalent. Save money from hauling a heavy trailer to and from work and install a mobile storage unit at your jobsite. These bins are safe and allow for security with locking mechanisms. 

Realtors have a harder time selling houses in the slow winter months, especially older homes that need a facelift. We have a solution. Store several options of furniture and decor to satisfy any home buyer (this will make any home stager happy as a clam).

Tiny Home Storage

There is a booming trend happening in the housing market - tiny homes. The City of Kelowna has passed laws that allow its citizens to build carriage and tiny homes on more properties. That means a need for more home storage. While people benefit from the renting market, they are losing out on precious space for their boat, patio furniture, kayaks, and other seasonal toys. Just give us a call - we will swing by with your container for you to fill-up at your own pace and when you are done we will happily take it back to the storage facility. Safe and sound, you can rest assured that your summer toys will be in great condition next year.

Home Renovations

If anyone has gone through the mess of home renovations, you know that all the extra space you can get is a miracle. “Watch out - there is a miter saw in the kitchen” or “No, sorry you can’t sleep in the spare room, the carpet rolls are in there.” These are said too often, but you can flip the scenario around by bringing a container to your home. Store all of your building materials or power tools inside your mobile storage - securely. 

No matter where you are or what you need to store, mobile storage containers can help solve any problem. At National Storage, we provide the truck to make the delivery and pick-up of your container and we will bring it back to our heated storage facility in West Kelowna. Store with Safety and Security. Store with National Storage!

Are you looking for a different storage solution? National Storage offers a complete range of storage options for residential and commercial storage in the Okanagan!

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