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Guide To Getting Your RV Spring Ready

Time to pull your RV out of storage and get it ready for RV season.

RV season is just around the corner; time to get it cleaned up.

As the snow is almost melted and spring is just around the corner, so is the excitement of RV season. That means bringing your RV out from storage and getting it prepped for the spring and summer months of camping.

Whether it's your first time de-winterizing your RV or you've been doing it for years, there are essential things to take care of to ensure you have a successful camping year.

First Steps To Getting Your RV On The Road

If you've been storing your RV at a public storage facility, such as National Storage, there's no doubt it has been in safekeeping. As opposed to sitting in your driveway, RV storage at a storage centre has video surveillance and tight security measures, so nobody has been causing damage to your unit.

The winter months can be hard on your unit, especially the tires. Be sure to check their pressure, consider rotating them, and clean and grease the bearings. When any wheels sit for that long, they can stiffen up, so you'll want to ensure they are oiled and ready to roll smoothly.

Along with checking the tires, check the batteries. Anytime you are working with batteries, wear protective safety eyewear as battery acid can be extremely harmful if it gets in your eyes. Check the charge on them, and once they are good to go, reconnect them to the RV.

Always inspect the propane tanks at the start of the season, be looking for leaks in the hose. Leaky propane tanks are incredibly hazardous. Once you've confirmed there aren't any leaks and they are correctly connected, remember to fill them up before your first camping trip; there's nothing like running out of propane on a weekend getaway.

Don't Forget About The Water System

Don't forget that at the end of the season, when getting your RV ready to be stored at a local storage centre, one of the biggest jobs is blowing out your water lines.

Now that it's the summer season, we want to remove the RV-safe anti-freeze in preparation for using the RV water system.

You'll want to get rid of all that anti-freeze.

  1. First, fill all of your tanks and then drain them thoroughly. It is recommended to do this a few times to ensure all anti-freeze has been rinsed away.

  2. At this time, you can check for any leaks in the plumbing system.

  3. After checking your water system, you may want to empty out your RV water tanks for fuel efficiency.

The Fun Part Of Getting Your RV Ready

It's time to give your RV the first clean of the season. After sitting in RV storage for the winter months, there is no denying it could use a good wash on the exterior and the interior.

Pick a nice day to clean your RV, that way you can open up the windows and doors to air it out. Dust would have accumulated whether your RV is new or an older one, so be sure to give everything a good wipe down and vacuum the inside.

Put the final touches on getting your home on wheels ready. Make the bed(s) with clean sheets, and stock the bathroom and kitchen with all the necessities.

Don't Forget About These Two Things

One thing many people forget is to restock the first-aid kit. Injuries can happen in a hike or just sitting by the fire, and you'll be glad your first-aid kit is topped if/when you need something for a wound.

Finally, don't forget to renew your insurance for the road. Most people change their insurance policy to reflect storage-only coverage. Once you hit the road, you'll want the insurance to cover that as well.

National Storage has RV storage conveniently located off Highway 97 in West Kelowna. With 24-hour video surveillance and keypad entry, you can be at ease knowing your RV is in safe storage. To learn more about RV storage and rates, contact us today.

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