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Guide To Getting Your Boat Ready For Summer

It’s time to pull your boat out of storage. Follow this guide on items to take care of before hitting the water.

As part of getting your boat ready for the lake, ensure you give it an excellent deep clean after sitting in storage

Many people's favourite time of the year is approaching; summer in the Okanagan, especially if you own a boat. As every boat owner, though, there are some things to do as you pull your boat out of storage. Just like you have to winterize it before it goes into boat storage, you now need to de-winterize it for summer. 

Maintenance On Your Boat

Maintenance needs to be complete, whether you store your boat on your property or at a self-storage facility. Start by thoroughly inspecting your watercraft. Inspect the exterior for any dents, holes, and general repairs that need to be taken care of before putting it on the water. 

Since your boat has been sitting in a storage facility for months, the engine will need a little love to get it in top shape for the summer. Pump fresh fuel in the gas tank; old gas becomes oxidized and loses potency. Test the battery to ensure it's charged; there's nothing worse than trying to get a jump in the middle of the lake. Next, either take your boat to see a boat mechanic or do it yourself and check the oil and all of the other fluid levels. Perform an oil change before taking the boat onto the water. At this time, double-check the hoses and belts. 

Safety Has To Come First

As part of pulling your boat out of storage and getting it mechanically ready for the lake, there are also the onboard items to check. Ensure you have the correct safety gear, such as the right amount of life jackets, and check to see if they still fit family members properly. You'll want to have at least one fire extinguisher tucked away in one of the storage spaces available. 

Final Touches

Time to give your boat a good deep clean. Many people deep clean their homes; time to do the same on your marine craft. You can either hire a professional boat detailing place or do it yourself. 

Late Spring is a busy time for storage facilities and boat storage areas. Contact your public storage company to see the best time to pick up your boat.

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