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Eliminate Odours From Your Self-Storage Container

The smell of mildew isn’t pleasant, especially in a small storage locker. Follow these simple steps to mitigate smells.

Keep as many items as possible in air-sealed containers to avoid moisture getting in.

Less than ideal smells can develop in self-storage units where items are stored for long periods with minimal movement. The good news is that there are ways to prevent those odours and eliminate them from storage lockers.

Common Storage Container Smells

The most common and recognizable smell in a storage unit is a musty type odour. This smell results from there being too much moisture in the air. Without proper maintenance, this musty smell can permeate the entire unit and lead to mould growth if not dealt with. 

Simple Steps To Take To Avoid Odours

It may seem like odours in your storage container rental are inevitable, which may be accurate, but there are steps you can take to reduce the chances. Look to see if storage facilities near you have temperature-controlled units. These specific units will be a slightly higher cost to rent; however, they are the best way to eliminate the possibility of a musty smell or mould developing.Store any clothes or other fabric items in air-tight containers to avoid any moisture, leading to a smell on your clothes that is reminiscent of a thrift store. For an added measure, add a dryer sheet to the storage bin. If a temperature-controlled storage locker is not an option, it is recommended to pre-clean the unit before storing your items. The best way to do this is to clean the walls and floors with white vinegar. Do not wash the vinegar off with water; just leave it, even if the smell is extremely pungent. White vinegar works to kill mildew and acidify the air. If smells develop once you have moved your belongings in, rest assured, there are things you can do to rid the mobile storage container of unpleasant odours. The first option is to place open containers or bowls of white vinegar or red wine vinegar around the unit, as this will help to kill any bacteria in the air. 

Final Steps To Remove Odours

To remove moisture from the air, place bowls or open boxes of baking soda throughout the unit. Another excellent option for eliminating odour-causing moisture is clean cat litter. Both baking soda and cat litter absorb odours and moisture, but keep in mind they won't kill the mildew in the air. Finally, replace the scent with a better one to help with foul smells in your self-storage locker. For example, hang air fresheners, soak a towel in vanilla, or place a bowl of coffee grounds. Anything that has a more pungent smell than mildew will work to eliminate a smell from a storage unit.

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