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Top Tips for Stress-Free Packing

With Storabox from National Storage, you’re on the right track for a successful storage experience in the Okanagan. But first, it’s time to pack.

Make your storage project seamless, with our top tips for stress-free packing. With this guide, you can pack effectively and get back to what really matters. Leave the rest to us!


  • Gather your moving arsenal: stock up on corrugated boxes, paper or cloth padding, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, special boxes for breakables; whatever supplies you’ll need to store your items safely. You’ll also want quality sealing tape (masking or cellophane tape are not strong enough), and a marker for labeling contents.
  • Moving and packing requires some planning. Take a few extra minutes to keep an inventory list of all items and location.


  • Don’t detour your moving experience to the hospital! When lifting heavy boxes, bend at the knees instead of waist, grip box firmly and hold it close to your body. Smart safety precautions while packing goes a long way.
  • Do not store liquids, flammables, or hazardous materials in your National Storage container.
  • When not packing, lock door with your padlock to ensure total security during your moving experience.


  • Disassemble furniture if possible and cover with padding for efficient packing and unpacking.
  • Pack as many items as possible in boxes to ensure greater protection for your belongings and make loading much easier.
  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go in larger boxes.
  • Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with tape. Fill each box to its capacity, using packing paper or fillers to eliminate empty spaces. The top and sides of each box shouldn’t bulge, nor should they cave in when closed.
  • Use moving pads to protect furniture. Protect items with paper, moving pads, blankets, linens, foam or bubble wrap…
  • Pack books and papers in small boxes to control weight.
  • Use properly sized boxes to make moving easier.
  • Fill boxes completely to reduce shifting in transit while moving from one location to another.
  • Pack breakables in dish-pack or glassware boxes for greatest protection. Wrap each piece separately. If packing breakables in regular boxes, stack dishes on their sides and glassware upright. Place heavy items in bottom of boxes holding breakables.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in clean paper and pack into mirror boxes. Do not lay flat.
  • Pack clothing in wardrobe boxes if possible.
  • Thoroughly clean and drain appliances before storing. Tape down moving parts. When storing refrigerator or freezer, sprinkle baking soda over flat surfaces or place open cans of coffee in the appliance to absorb moisture and prevent mildew and leave door ajar.
  • When storing tools and bicycles, clean and wipe lightly with oil for added rust protection. Cover with cloth or paper pads to protect other items from staining.
  • Securely close all packing boxes and label with contents for quick retrieval during your move.


  • At National Storage, our mobile storage units come in 2 sizes, 12’and 16’. Take advantage of the height of your unit, to maximize your moving time. Use all available space inside the container; this includes wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Turn couches on end, fill the refrigerator, washer and dryer, etc.
  • Ensure your packing foundation is solid and not subject to shifting or leaning. Distribute weight evenly in container.
  • Load heavy items into your mobile storage unit on bottom with smaller items on top.
  • Tie down all your belongings a section at a time, taking advantage of the conveniently placed eyehooks inside your container.
  • Place items you need often in front of container. This is extremely beneficial to a residential moving experience.
  • Store large or bulky items in center of container.
  • Place mattresses and box springs in protective bags.
  • Do not load more than 7,500 lbs in your storage unit.
  • Packing pictures, mirrors… in the spaces between the beams will help protect them and will take advantage of the space, creating a tighter fit.
  • Mix small items with larger items to fill spaces. Don’t save all your boxes for the very end of packing.
  • Throughout your storage project, list stored items, with location, on the inventory list. You can update the list as items are removed or added.
  • Secure your container with a lock when it is unattended to ensure total security for your storage project.

With our top tips for a stress-free packing experience, you’re ready to store, move, transition between homes or businesses, and unpack it all with ease in the Okanagan!

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